"Rosa Canina"
Peonies for Marna.
"La Fleur de la Vie"
In the Spirit of Heidi.
Secret Garden of Peonies
In Memory of her Dad & Mom.
"For Lauren & Scott 12.2.17"
For All Her Children
"Intricacies In Pink"
VerHage's Banyan Tree.
Monet On My Mind II
Monet on My Mind VIII.
Erin's Floral.
Monet on My Mind.
Rinsed Peonies.
Floral Bouquet #1
Floral Bouquet #2
Emerging Arrangement.
Floral Bouquet #3
Floral Bouquet IIII
Floral Bouquet V
Peonies for Marna.

24 x 24in. Acrylic on canvas.